Friday, March 30, 2007

Things in the News

So it seems that there have been some orthepedic whiz kids out there investigating the question of why knees hurt. And whaddya know. It seems my surgery may have been a complete waste of time after all. Not that I didn't suspect this when my knee promptly readjusted itself so it was right back where it started three days after the surgery, but it's somewhat disheartening to have this confirmed by the experts.

And another news item that makes me roll my eyes is the report from the hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee, where Kyle Sampson is doing a really impressive show of dodging and twisting when asked direct questions. He may only have tried one case, but boy does he have the lawyers' two-step down pat. Of course, some of the questions he was asked are pretty impressively off-course, too. Like the senator who asked him whether the president had seen a report. How on earth is Sampson supposed to know? It's not like he was high enough up the ladder to be privy to the president's decisions.

Sometimes I really do think it would be better if I just moved to Canada.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Eh voila!

Since half the staff at the library is learning how to create blogs, it seems like I ought to update my own. (Does it count as updating when there's been exactly one post six months ago?)

Anyhow, we're emulating Charlotte-Mecklenburg's public library and tackling the 23 Things - complete with ipod nanos as prizes. We all look like a bunch of techno-geeks around here, with library laptops up next to our desktop computers, typing away during breaks on blogs and flickr pages and what-have-you. Since we can't do much about bringing people in to do training, we're just going to have to do it ourselves!

Sometimes I envy the bigger libraries, like Spartanburg or Richland, with IT staff coming out their ears and training budgets big enough to actually do some good. On the other hand, those of us in tiny libraries like this one are the experts on self-sufficiency.